ASAGAI is a non-profit civil entity incorporated on December 29, 1975.

It is the Argentine National Group on the International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG).

Its purposes are:

  • To promote collaboration between professionals and scientists interested in the field of Geology Applied to the Engineering and the Environment;
  • Stimulate and extend the application and research of Geology and related disciplines, in relation to Engineering and the Environment, for the best technical and economic solution of problems of both general and local interests;
  • Link professionals who are interested in Geology Applied to Engineering and the Environment in the Argentine Republic and abroad;
  • Facilitate the national and international exchange of information related to its specialized activities;
  • Maintain permanent links with IAEG; f) Stimulate cooperation between Geology and related disciplines, and engineering.

Since its first Symposium, in 1981, the Association has periodically organized meetings, taught courses and generated special publications related to applied geology and geological risk. It publishes, since 1998, every six months, the Journal of Geology Applied to the Engineering and the Environment.

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